quarta-feira, 7 de janeiro de 2015


For a long time we still see examples in pain and fear.

Many have tried but few persisted in writing, report and report.

Many were silent not by fear, but by painful and powerful death on their bodies, but not in their minds.

The man has been killing with sword blows, but even the letter before dead idea persists as long as oak in time.

The violence today watched as in a video game, scares and shocks as it is a sham.

It's strange and sad to see they are trying in any way to silence the voices of so many people, or through music, writing, verse, poetry, drawing ...

But we must resist in silence colorful, and the written words, letters and symbols.

How far?

As far as our children or grandchildren continue to take a charcoal or piece of flint and draw.

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